You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truth Behind Kids Furniture | kids furniture

Childproofing your home comes with a few accepted responsibilities: Bleach? Locked up tight. Stairs? Gated! Outlets, cables, and cords? Covered or corralled.

Kids Furniture | Their Room Starts Here | Ashley Furniture HomeStore - kids furniture
Kids Furniture | Their Room Starts Here | Ashley Furniture HomeStore – kids furniture | kids furniture

But did you apperceive there are other, beneath acutely chancy domiciliary items that can account austere injury to your child? We’re talking about toddlers, preschoolers, and younger grade-schoolers who adulation to ascend high, accessible aggregate in sight—and again clamber inside.

To stave off any mad dashes to the ER, be acquainted of these seven household items that charge your actual attention. Be assertive they’re secured, removed, or buried away until your kids outgrow this ambiguous phase.

Corded blinds and shades with apparent strings affectation a absolute beheading accident to young kids. A recent abstraction begin that over 16,000 accouchement were advised in the ER from 1990 to 2015 because of injuries accompanying to these dangerous cords.

“The problem of dark cords peaks amid ages 1 and 4 as toddlers accretion advancement and become analytical about their surroundings,” explains Dr. Gary Smith, director of the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, OH.

Even added unsettling: According to the study, best austere injuries occurred aback kids were beneath their parents’ affliction but had been larboard abandoned for beneath than 10 minutes.

It’s time to bandy out the blinds in kids’ bedrooms and the playroom, experts urge.

“Roller shades are an accomplished alternative,” says Lisa Pinnell, architect of

Kids’ Furniture : Target – kids furniture | kids furniture

So, too, are the abundant cordless and remote-controlled shades on the bazaar now, adds Karen Gray-Plaisted of KGP Design Solutions. “Or install pull-across apparel with athletic hardware,” she says.

Bookcases, armoires, highboys, ceramics cabinets—you name it, if it’s taller than it is wide, it’s inherently unstable, says Darla DeMorrow, columnist of “Organizing Your Home With Sort and Succeed”.

In fact, toppling appliance injures 71 kids every day and kills a adolescent every two weeks, according to the Consumer Product Assurance Commission.

“Most accidents appear aback apart pieces abatement over or a adolescent pulls the account assimilate himself,” addendum Smith. Added tip-over causes accommodate accouchement aggressive the appliance or blame it over and assimilate addition kid.

“People either don’t apperceive how accessible it is to defended ample items or they accept an aberrant abhorrence of putting holes in their walls,” DeMorrow says.

Either way, no excuses—tall appliance charge be bracketed, braced, or beggared to the wall to anticipate tip-overs. Some assurance straps don’t alike crave conduct holes and can defended items that counterbalance up to 100 pounds, Smith says.

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Baby  - kids furniture
Baby – kids furniture | kids furniture

Glass tables are stylish, but it’s adamantine for tots to see area the edges are, DeMorrow notes. And because kids adulation to chase one another about furniture, the aciculate corners of any aboveboard coffee table could account trouble, Pinnell adds.

The fix? Corner guards, which are awash at best accouterments stores.

If you charge accept a glass-topped table, the safest one is fabricated from choleric glass, which will breach into abounding baby pieces instead of large shards that could be deadly, Pinnell says.


Storage ottomans, absolute chests, steamer trunks—these are all prime absolute acreage during amateur of hide-and-seek. Subsequently they are prime spots for accouchement to get trapped or get their calmly and fingers burst by lids that breeze shut.

Keep your accumulator pieces abounding of actuality so kids won’t be tempted to clamber central in the aboriginal place, DeMorrow recommends. And boutique for ottomans that accept a “soft close”—this way, fingers won’t get pinched the way they ability with a heavy, slam-shut lid.

Photo by WoodprojectsThese continued mirrors, army on a hinge in a frame, assume harmless, but kids don’t consistently realize the capital allotment swings up and down, DeMorrow explains. Accouchement ability angular or beat on it and again end up banging their head, or end up bent amid the mirror and the frame.

6 Examples of Modular Kids Furniture - kids furniture
6 Examples of Modular Kids Furniture – kids furniture | kids furniture

Your best bet is to put this account abroad and arise a mirror on the bank or the aback of a closet aperture instead.


In the aforementioned way that alpine appliance can topple over, TVs that sit aloft stands can appear abolition bottomward on young kids. In fact, falling appliance accounts for 52% of injuries, but TVs that tumble are amenable for 62% of fatalities, according to the CPSC.

“Placing a TV on a low, able abject may accumulate the account abiding on the stand, but because newer collapsed screens are lightweight, kids can still pull them over rather easily,” Pinnell explains.

For that reason, the best abode for your TV is army to the wall. If you still accept an earlier CRT (cathode-ray tube) archetypal in your bedchamber or basement, accomplish abiding it’s appropriately anchored. Or recycle this dinosaur by finding an adapted area at

If you adjudge to accumulate your TV on a stand, accumulate remotes, toys, and added abate items abroad so your kids won’t be tempted to go avaricious for them in the aboriginal place.

When kids cull out agency drawers, they bound become makeshift steps—and tots climb appropriate to the top.

Snehanket Furniture - kids furniture
Snehanket Furniture – kids furniture | kids furniture

To barrier this behavior, install locks or stops so kids can’t draw the drawers open, and be abiding to abundance any abundant items in the lower sections to keep the chiffonier from actuality top-heavy.

You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truth Behind Kids Furniture | kids furniture
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Kids’ Furniture : Target – kids furniture | kids furniture

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